Mediators Scott M. Baughan and Brenda J. Newman Certified by U.S. District Court

Florida Mediators Scott Baughan and Brenda J. Newman

Earlier this year, Chief Judge Merryday of the U.S. District Court Middle District of Florida signed an order certifying two mediators who recently joined Upchurch Watson White & Max.

The ranks of Upchurch Watson White & Max mediators who are certified for selection by various U.S. District Courts recently swelled by two: Central Florida mediators Brenda J. Newman and Scott M. Baughan.

They both took their oath by phone earlier this year -- the same one "prescribed by 28 U.S.C. § 453 which Judges are required to take before performing the duties of office." Their names and the divisions in which they agreed to serve are now published, along with information about 18 other UWWM mediators among those certified by the Middle District of Florida, at

The U.S. District Court Middle District of Florida "encourages dispute resolution without litigation. Chapter 8 of the Local Rules governs court-annexed arbitration; Chapter 9 of the Local Rules governs court-annexed mediation. Most case management and scheduling orders include a requirement that the parties attend a mediation conference with a specified court-certified mediator by a specified deadline."

The court "usually will defer to the parties' suggestion," which might include Mr. Baughan, Ms. Newman or these other court-certified UWWM mediators:

  • Ricardo Cata
  • Robert A. "Bob" Cole
  • Jeffrey M. Fleming
  • Richard S. Graham
  • A. Michelle Jernigan
  • Lawrence H. Kolin
  • K. Judith "Judi" Lane
  • Richard Lord
  • Howard R. Marsee
  • Rodney A. Max
  • Brandon Peters
  • Richard Reinhart
  • Kimberly Sands
  • Carl Schwait
  • John Upchurch
  • April Y. Walker
  • Lawrence M. "Larry" Watson, Jr.
  • Terrence M. "Terry" White

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